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Privacy Policy

By using, you must agree to the Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the Document). Please read them carefully. Your information about the Terms of Use will precede any act or fact likely to determine obligations for the contracting parties. Visiting and using the Website are conditional upon acceptance of these terms of use. The term User means any person who visits and/or interacts with the Website.


The use of implies the User’s adherence to the Terms of Use through your express acceptance of this Document. If one of the provisions of this act is found to be void or invalid, all others remain valid, to the extent possible. If references are made to other Websites, we do not guarantee and/or confirm in any way the type of information you will find on them. It is at your discretion whether or not you visit these Websites and whether or not you consider the information found there.

Access is made exclusively by accessing the public website available at

By using the Website, the User is solely responsible for all activities arising from its use. Also, he is responsible for any material, intellectual or electronic damages or any other kind of damage to the Website services, in accordance with the Romanian legislation in force.

If the User does not agree and/or does not accept and/or revokes the consent given for the Document, he gives up access to the Website as well as to other services offered through the Website.

The User may at any time revert to its decision to agree and/or accept the Document, in the form in which it will be available at that time. To exercise his right to disagree and/or not accept and/or revoke his acceptance of the Document, he may contact


The content represents all the information on the Website that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed by using a digital device, respectively:

  • any information communicated by any means by to the User, according to the contact information, specified or not by him;
  • data related to or other privileged data.

The content of the Website includes but is not limited to logos, stylized representations, symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content presented on the Website. This content is the property of, and we reserve all rights obtained in this regard directly or indirectly (through usage and/or publication licenses).

The user is not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and/or otherwise alter, use, link to, display, include any content in any other context than the original one intended by, include any content outside the Website, the removal of signs signifying the copyright of or on the content, as well as participating in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the content, except with the express consent of www.

The user can copy, transfer and/or use content only for personal or non-commercial purposes, only if they do not conflict with the provisions of the Document and with the consent of

If gives the User the right to use in the form described in a separate user agreement certain content to which the User has or obtains access following this agreement, this right extends only to that or those contents defined in the agreement, only during the existence of it or these contents on the Website or the period defined in the agreement, according to the defined conditions.

No content transmitted to the User, through any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by him by accessing, visiting and/or viewing does not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of in relation to that content.

Any use of the content of the Website for purposes other than those expressly permitted by the Document or the accompanying user agreement, if any, is prohibited. reserves the right to modify or add new rules and restrictions regarding the content of the Website, at any time.

CONTACT publishes the complete and correct identification and contact data of the User on the Website. By using the contact form or the service present on the Website, the User allows to contact him by any available means, including electronic means.

Filling in part or all of the contact form and sending it does not in any way represent a commitment on the part of to contact the User. reserves the right not to respond to all requests of any nature, received by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.).

In order to make them more suitable for the purpose of having an excellent collaboration with you, these terms of use may change at any time without any notice or notification. Therefore, please return to this page each time you use the Website.

Any dispute with reference to this Document that may arise between the User and will first be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, the conflict will be resolved by the competent court, in accordance with the Romanian legislation in force.

If any of the above clauses is found to be void or invalid for any reason, this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses.

This Document has been drafted and will be interpreted in accordance with the legislation in force at the time of drafting.

If there are any questions or suggestions regarding, please contact us at

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